A questionable solution to forest fires: “Hack and Squirt” – is this happening to your forests?

Douglas fir – treated with hack and squirt method – left standing High Fire Risk
Ponderosa Pine – Treated with Herbicide – High Fire Risk

In my research of a method used by timber companies known as ‘hack and squirt’, the opinions of this method are divided. Some people are in total support of it, and others are dead against it.

This method, called ‘hack and squirt’ has been widely used by timber companies for the last few years. It is a simple procedure, it is done to ‘thin out’ heavily forested areas. Basically, an ax is used to hack a slit into the bark of the living tree (the size of the hack depends on the size of the tree), and round up herbicide is then sprayed into the flesh of the bark, thus, killing the tree. Proponents of this method claim it will save the forests, but opponents of the practice have many reasons to be against it. For example, what happens to the tree after it dies? Is it removed? No. It remains standing among the other dead trees, as well as live ones. One timber company in Northern California will leave a 10 ft stump remaining after it dies, instead of chopping the stump closer to the ground. I am no expert, but that just doesn’t sit right with me. Why would they leave 10 ft of the stump remaining? It is, the very least to say, a very questionable practice.

I am going to focus on Northern California (I live in Montana, and I have reason to suspect this practice could be going on here, as well as other places around the states, including on private property, unbeknownst to the property owners).

In September of 2015, one of the largest fires in California history, known as the Valley Fire, raged for weeks in the rural area of Lake County, Ca.  The fire ultimately spread to 76,067 acres (308 km2), killed four people and destroyed nearly 2,000 buildings.[1][4][5][6] The fire is the third-worst fire in California history based on total structures burned (source, Wikipedia). It ravaged through 4 communities, taking the lives of 4, injuring many firefighters who suffered burns, and countless structures were destroyed. It is the states 3rd worst fire in history as far as structural loss.

So, about 2 months ago, I am listening to the Jeff Rense radio show, and he has a guest (and part-time host of the show) Deborah Tavares, and the topic is this method of ‘hack and squirt’. She belongs to a volunteer firefighter group, and they have a great deal to say about this practice. They believe the Valley fire of 2015 was caused by the very practice, and it goes further. There is also reason to suspect, this fire was deliberately set.

UN Agenda 21. There is that word again. It seems everything bad that is happening to this world is because of it. In the program I listened to, Deborah implied the fire was engineered by a timber company in Northern California, who has been using this hack and squirt practice for a few years. And from the outrageous and downright ridiculous things I have seen done under UN21, I do not doubt it. In several of the western states for example, the United Nations has been releasing very large wolves from the Yukon territory into the populated rural lands of the U.S. They call it their ‘rehoming’ project, it is under the wildlands and biodiversity treaty imposed on us back in the 1990s (it was never ratified by Congress, so the question still stands, are they breaking the law?). Their ‘said’ purpose for this is to drive people who live in the rural areas off their property, and ‘return it to nature’. The real reason is, it is for their tyrannical one world government, and once they can drive everyone off their property , they can seize the land for themselves. After all, it is ‘social injustice’ for people who live in rural areas to have so much. It isn’t fair to the people who refuse to work and contribute nothing to society to not have the same. So, the wildfires that are happening in the west, are no doubt being engineered for the same reason.

Ok, so getting back to the fires. Several firefighters in Mendocino county got together and filed a citizens initiative, hoping to collect enough signatures to get on the 2016 primary ballot to control some of the practice of hack and squirt. The timber company will leave a 10 foor stump in these groves (a potential fire hazard, and no doubt what had contributed to the Valley fire). What the ballot is proposing is really addressing 2 of the issues: whether the firefighters are in considerable danger from the chemical laden smoke produced by the herbicides, and whether leaving dead trees standing is creating a greater fire risk. It essentially puts people before private industry profit, shifting damage losses from the citizen to the corporations who stand to benefit from these radical forest management practices.  There has been no case studies done as to whether the chemical fumes are safe or not. And in cases like this, the EPA will more than likely be bought off and declare it safe. I think it is really a no brainer, but the way these NGOs work, they will probably praise this practice, and nothing will change. So more than likely, the west will continue to see greater fires in the future, because that is the goal. Burn down properties, and ban them from rebuilding, all in the name of ‘endangered species’.

That’s my rant for the event of the week, thanks so much for reading, and please share:)





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