Feminism – A Destructive Ideology


I am certain this post is going to get some flack, but I am going to write it anyway. I will try to remain sympathetic as well as objective in this write. I am a woman, and over the past  30 years, I have witnessed how feminists have made things worse for women, not better.

This is a sensitive topic, but I feel so strongly it needs to be addressed. I do not want to put down feminists, I want to address the discrimination against men, the feminizing of men, and how they are being targeted by the media, as it is part of the Globalist agenda. It goes deeper than just misandry. I think most ‘feminists’ have been strongly brainwashed by this lunacy.

I recognize this as an agenda, it demeans motherhood, it sends a message to women that they aren’t ‘good enough’ if they don’t have a career, and they are insulted or ridiculed if they choose to stay home and raise children. It puts education and career above everything. Feminists have 2 main issues; abortion and child care. They believe putting off raising children or not having them at all is in a woman’s best interests. This agenda does not care about women at all. It is a recruitment for young impressionable girls who were probably the wallflower at the Middle School dances, the girl who was bullied or teased about her appearance, the unpopular girl. And this agenda does not care about these girls either. It just uses them to get their dangerous message out. They brainwash them into believing that all men are bad. They teach them things like “The planet would be better if there were no men” or the “Boys are stupid” philosophy. And these girls really don’t have any idea what the real objective of this organization is. It isn’t about women at all. It is community organizing attempting to socially engineer young and impressionable girls, who have bought into most of the evil messages that are propagated to us every day. The real goal is depopulation. And yes, this is published. The primary goal of the globalists is depopulation, so they have been using the feminist movement for over 100 years to obtain their own selfish agenda. Their belief is there are too many people on the planet, thus too many being too difficult to control. And this is why every commercial or sitcom you see is somehow portraying the man as an incompetent idiot, and the woman with all the power. And now, their latest push is government run child care. “Let the government raise the kids”. Melissa Harris-Perry said, “Parents must stop believing that children are theirs. They are not theirs.” She is implying that your children belong to the government. Hillary Clinton – “It takes a Village”. This is dangerous doctrine. Hitler’s Germany had state run daycare, it was 24/7. A mother could leave their child there for as long as she liked, allowing government employees to raise her children.. The goal was indoctrination then, and the goal is indoctrination, now. This global agenda is modeled after the communist manifesto,they want to kill 4/5 of the population because they cannot control 7 billion people. I could elaborate more on the real dark reason behind the entire movement, but that is for a later post. Please remember this, the stated goal, by the globalists, is depopulation.

I have read some of the feminist rant, and I draw one conclusion. These poor women are angry, bitter, and full of self pity.  They say they want equal rights, but then, demand certain protections, as a woman. They say they hate men, but do they really? I think their hatred of men stems from years of rejection. And when you really listen to them, they are very self-absorbed, so as long as they are, how are they making any room for anyone else to want to come into their life? There is nothing warm or inviting about them. They are so full of anger, I believe they are pushing away the things in life that could really be fulfilling. And I am not saying this to criticize, I am hoping if a feminist reads this, she will be able to self examine, and maybe see this view that has been hammered into her head as very destructive and self destructive. And hopefully see it for what it is.

The 3rd wave feminists are nothing but propaganda tools. They do not care one iota for any of these young women, they only have an agenda. Their agenda is to make men look bad, make women believe they have been short changed all their lives, they have been convinced there is a (non-existent) wage gap,  their career should come first, don’t have children, sleep around – it’s ok, but have an abortion (which is also detrimental to a woman not only physically, but emotionally). If you do have kids, make sure you put them into pre-K or ECE (early childhood education) so our government can indoctrinate them and raise them for you. And don’t get married! This is the very thing that is destroying the fabric of society.

Now I want to talk about the other culprits of this doctrine – the first is academia, then Hollywood, then the main stream media. Universities are all liberal (bordering communist) now. They make virtue, marriage, and faith a joke. They shame and ridicule traditions we used to hold dear, and have turned out a generation of leftist, feminist men-hating women who are angry and bitter, and more than likely frustrated with their own lives. They may have their careers, but are they truly happy? When I listen to these young women, I don’t hear them say anything about feeling truly fulfilled. Also when I listen to them, all I hear is what they want for themselves, it isn’t about the man (or supposed man) they are with. It is all about ‘please me’, or ‘make me happy’. Not about, what can I do to make the man I love happy? They have been taught ‘self, self, self’ – so they don’t even know where to begin to make another person happy. Academia gets an ‘F’ in preparing these young women for the real world. They are self absorbed and miserable.

Hollywood – why is it, every sitcom or mainstream cartoon I see portrays men in such a negative light? They are either misogynistic chauvinists, or bumbling idiots. Every commercial is getting this way too. And the feminization of our men is a disgrace. Here we have actors, male models, and pop stars wearing skirts and dresses. What kind of a message is this sending our young boys? And don’t think for a minute – the designers of these hideous garments are wearing them, you better believe they are laughing at them. It isn’t so they can make money, they already have more money than they know what to do with. It is part of the globalist agenda again. And I don’t say this at all as any sort of an insult to men, I say this in defense of them.

And last, media. News, magazines, etc. They are also part of this propaganda. They continue to push the feminist movement. The so-called ‘feminine elite’ are pushing a whole new indoctrination on the young women of the world. They propagate everything women, all the while treating men as if they don’t matter.

Last, I would like to add something I learned the other day. The sperm counts on our young males are down 30% from 1987 – what are they giving to these poor guys to cause this? This is a detrimental agenda, which seeks to destroy the family unit, promote promiscuity, turn the institution of marriage into a joke, as well as raising a family – this is one of the stated goals of UN Agenda 21 to destroy the family unit, and they are succeeding with our youth today.

The LGBT plays a big role in this too. I realize that isn’t the topic, but it has more to do with it than you know. I found a video of Steven Crowder crashing a feminist community meeting – and it is very clear this movement has NOTHING to do with women’s rights at all, as Steven Crowder points out so clearly in this – it is – Cultural Marxism in every way. I will leave a link to the video, I realize it is very funny, but that shouldn’t take away from the severity of this issue.

I have also attached another video I watched by another anti feminism girl, and she points out 10 signs this movement is a nutjob cult. Thank you so much for reading – and especially thank you to Common Ground for including me with all of yo






4 thoughts on “Feminism – A Destructive Ideology

  1. Extremely well written, precise and to the point. Most people don’t understand the true ideology of socialist communism behind this movement. Well done! It is now time to stop the divisions in our society. God Bless You.

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